• What should I bring with me for a charter trip?

Bring your food and drinks iced down in small coolers.  No glass bottles, please.  Bring a camera, sunscreen for yourself, and a good supply of ZipLoc bags to take your fish home in.  We furnish rods, reels,
bait, ice for the fish, tackle and fishing licenses.

  • How far out do we go?

From 15 miles offshore on the shorter trips, up to 100 miles offshore on the 2 & 3 day trips.  We will go wherever we think we can put you on the biggest and most fish.

  • What kind of bait do you use?

We use pogies, squid, mullet, minnows, lures and jigs, and live bait subject to availability.

  • What type of fish do we catch?

On our 4 & 5 hour trips, you may catch Spanish Mackerel, Red Fish, Sheepshead, Sharks and Jack Crevalle.

On our 6, 8 and 10 hour trips, you may catch Red Snapper, Grouper, Trigger Fish in season, Vermilion Snapper, King Mackerel, Cobia (also called Ling) and there are several other species of Snapper in the
Gulf of Mexico. On the shorter trips we have fun and still catch fish, but limited time makes it not as serious as the longer trips. Naturally, the longer the trip the more serious the trip.

For our 12 hour charters, you will catch the same kind of fish we see in the 8 & 10 hour trips, plus Amberjack in season.

The longer trips off shore, 18 hours up to 3 days, we will bottom fish for Red Snapper, big Grouper, Scamp, Trigger Fish in season; we will hit the deep rigs for Amberjack in season, before heading to the
offshore platforms for Yellow Fin and Black Fin Tuna, Wahoo and Dolphin (mahi mahi ), Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish and Swordfish

On the 36 hr., 2 day trips, we have several options:
a. COMBINATION trip-bottom fishing (snapper, grouper, trigger fish, amberjack in season) and big game fishing (tunas, wahoo, mahi mahi, blue marlin and swordfish
b. ONLY big game fishing - which gives you more time for trolling/chunk to catch the trophy fish! We go up to 100 miles offshore.
c. ONLY bottom fish and amberjack - go for snapper, grouper, scamp, trigger fish, amberjack, & king mackerel. Load up on a lot of bottom fish on this trip!

Charter Prices

Charter Prices vary based on length of trip, size of your group, seasonal demands, and other factors.  For the most up to date prices, please call or email us.